Fax application for Fedora 8 x86_64

Stefan Kuhlemann kuhlemann at nefkom.net
Wed Feb 13 18:30:39 UTC 2008

Jim schrieb:
> Does anyone know of a good fax app/w frontend,  I have efax on a F8 
> x86_64 box but can't find a efax-gtk RPM that will install on a 
> x86_64, no tar.gz ,they are a friggen nightmare to install.
I would suggest hylafax (http://www.hylafax.org/) - but i Don't know if 
there's a binary package for fedora.x64.
Afaik there is a i386 binary package aviable.

> I know, everybody has no problems of compiling tar.gz, but I do .
I'm sure, that hylafax also have a mailinglist, which might provide help 
and also offers 'learning by doing' by giving the 'compile from source' 
a try....


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