can I have 2 profiles/playlists in rhytmbox

Henning Larsen hennlar at
Wed Feb 13 20:51:32 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-02-13 at 15:40 -0500, Mark Haney wrote:
> Henning Larsen wrote:
> >>
> > Yes, because playlist can not be sorted and organized in the same way as
> > the library, and the library is part of the user preferences?
> > 
> > Henning Larsen
> Let's back up a bit.  What exactly is the problem you're having?  Or 
> what is it you are trying to do?
I am terrible sorry, I have been trying to fix these problems for a
year. :(

Now I tried to click on the browse button when I had opened a playlist,
and there it was, all my browsing and sorting options. :)

Thanks for trying to understand my problem, which was a PEBCAC problem.

Henning Larsen

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