Sharing printers between Fedora machines

Michael Klinosky mpk2 at
Wed Feb 13 21:23:09 UTC 2008

>> > So, then, is there any sort of configuration I can tweak? The text size 
>> > is about 2 sizes too big (even for my 1280x960 display).
>> > 
> Try the set printer options under localhost:631 -> Manage printers

Well, I meant the browser display. (The printer prints what it gets - yes?)

I was in the Jobs tab, and clicked 'show all jobs'; those URIs are 
looooong! (The other pages are reasonable.)

In 'Administration', there is a 'configure server' - not in there.

It's a user-friendliness issue for me - guess that I can deal with it, tho.

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