Any book recommendations for iptables?

Brian Chadwick brianchad at
Thu Feb 14 23:17:55 UTC 2008

Joe Tseng wrote:
> I've been working on figuring out how to set up a transparent proxy 
> configuration using a firewall with three interfaces: the 1st one goes 
> to the Internet, the 2nd one goes to my network, and the 3rd is for a 
> DMZ.  My plan is to have my proxy live in the DMZ and all outbound 
> dport 80 traffic and inbound sport 80 traffic be redirected to the 
> proxy.  Could anyone perhaps forward me to a decent book or URL that 
> doesn't necessarily wander off to other security topics?  (And no I 
> will not use Shorewall.)
> Thx,
>  - Joe
Linux Firewalls, 3rd Edition by *Steve Suehring, Robert Ziegler  
**14.9.2005 by SAMS  *

ISBN: 0672327716

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