Fedora 8 iso image corrupted ?

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Fri Feb 15 15:54:31 UTC 2008

Michael Schwendt wrote:
> On Fri, 15 Feb 2008 12:22:06 +0000, Pedro Freire wrote:
>> I don't know if this an image problem or download corruption,
> Did you verify the SHA1SUM of your downloaded copy?
>> but before 
>> I download almost 4G again I ask this:
> No need to download everything again. Take a few minutes to learn
> how to use rsync, pick an rsync server from the Fedora list of mirrors,
> then "fix" your downloaded file with rsync.

You can also "fix" a bad download with bittorrent.

Also - one of the Linux magazines (Linux Journal ??) currently has the 
i386 F8 DVD in it. Check your local bookstore magazine rack.

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