Odd behavior since last update (kernel related?)

Richard Shaw hobbes1069 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 23:16:24 UTC 2008

I'm running F8 64 bit and after the last round of updates (they seemed to
happen all at once, nothing one day, 250MB the next) I had some odd
behaviors with networking and /dev/sr0 permissions.

I grep'ed through yum.log to verify there were no recent updates to udev or
NetworkManager (or anything else i could guess would be related) and there
were not.

After rebooting from installing the last round of updates my networking
stopped after a few minutes of use. I clicked on the NetworkManager applet
and it showed I had two wired connections available for some reason (I only
have one). Selecting the other wired connection got things working for a
while until it did it again. This time when I clicked on the applet it was
showing 3 wired connections. I have since disabled NetworkManager.

The other issue that came up was related to k3b complaining about not having
permissions to /dev/sr0. Checking the permissions showed owner (root) RW
access and group (disk) R access. I poked through the udev rules file for
block devices and it seemed to set them all to MODE="0640". I wasn't sure if
that was correct for some of the devices so I added a MODE="0660" to just
the sr[0-9] line and it seemed to work as I'm in the "disk" group. I'm just
not sure if thats the best solution.

Anyone else have any similar issues?

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