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On 02/16/2008 09:19 AM, Mike Chambers wrote:
| These external HD's that are out there, like a seagate 250G I saw at
| Staples, can they work just fine with Fedora 8 and up?
| Can I just plug that in and start putting files on it?
| Does it have to be reformatted and/or what type filesystem usually comes
| on them (fat)?
| How does Fedora recognize them and what path are they usually?  And how
| fast/slow are they compared to an internal hd?
| If I was to buy one, it mainly would connect (for now until I
| trade/upgrade computers one day) to my little HP machine (acting as home
| server) to host my data as I think one of my HD's are going bad, adn
| this machine can't hold more than 40G (guessing due to BIOS) HD.
| In other words, do these things play nice with Fedora/linux and even
| Windows if I wanted to take it with me to help fix another computer?

They play nice as long as you have a USB2 port on your PC.  If your
little machine has a USB1 port, the external drive will be too slow to
use.  I've bought two 500GB drives and, when plugging them in, find they
"just work".

If you're going to use it only on Fedora, I'd suggest reformatting it as
~ ext3. If, however, you plan on moving it back and forth to a Windows
box, then use FAT32 or NTFS.

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