Run app as root in X

Les Mikesell lesmikesell at
Sat Feb 16 17:26:39 UTC 2008

Henning Larsen wrote:

>>>> Is there any way to do su in X?
>>> The easiest way is to use kdesu (in kdebase).
>> Surely it's also pretty easy to su to root in a terminal window and
>> then run the required application from the root command line (or in
>> the case in question just create the folders/directories using the
>> su'ed comaand line).
>> -- 
> Thanks.
> OK, about creating folders using the su command, can you please explain
> a bit more?
> I want to as a regular user be able to edit config files. The safest
> would be to get prompted for password, but it is not a must.

Open a terminal window and type:
su -
then enter the root password.  You can also set thing up so you can:
sudo su -
either without a password or with your own password instead of root's.
The trailing - means to pick up the login environment so you'll have the 
right PATH, etc.

You can then use all command line tools as root in this window or start 
X programs by typing their names.  Keep in mind that you aren't limited 
to just editing config files in this mode.  You can do anything with 
root permissions.

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