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>> Subject: Re: slow (s-l-o-w) install
>>> Now I'm trying to install F8/x86_64 on it, and the installer is running
>>> amazingly slowly.  It took about ten minutes before the initial graphical
>> Probably wrong memory caching in the BIOS. That's a common cause of those
>> symptoms. If so boot with mem=2G or be patient and once you've got it
>> installed take a look at /proc/mtrr and that will show which memory the
>> system marked as cached. If its wrong then you can tweak the settings
>> and/or beat up the BIOS vendor
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> Is this a known fault? Is it documented? If so it may have saved me a lot of diagnostics...
It's a known limitation of some BIOS versions. I suspect it would happen 
with that other O/S as well, actually.

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