DHCP trouble with cable modem

Joe Smith jes at martnet.com
Sat Feb 16 21:07:54 UTC 2008

Steven Stern wrote:
> ...
> I've found that it's necessary to power cycle the comcast cable modem 
> whenever I change the device directly connected to it. It tends to 
> ignore DHCP requests if one computer is unplugged and other is plugged 
> in, whether Windows or Linux or a router.

I'll second that, using Comcast through a Moto SB5100 modem. I can dual 
boot between Windows (ok, it's '98, not XP) and Linux (F7/8) all day 
with no problem getting an IP, but if we try to plug in a different 
device (XBox, laptop, router, etc.), the modem has to be power-cycled 
before it will give out an address. So far, that's all we've ever had to do.

It's all behind a router now, so it doesn't make a difference any more.


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