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Kevin J. Cummings cummings at kjchome.homeip.net
Sun Feb 17 04:23:17 UTC 2008

Robert L Cochran wrote:
> I use jigdo myself and like the way it pulls packages from a list of
> servers, so that no one server is stressed with a long download
> connection that might be dropped or which might be so busy you can't log
> onto it.
> The really bad thing about jigdo is that it isn't smart enough by
> default to notice that one or more servers consistently have connection
> problems, and it keeps hitting them again and again in round-robin
> fashion retrying the connection, and that in turn wastes a lot of time.
> Jigdo should drop a server after two different sets of two attempts per
> set which still fail to connect, and then go on to the next server in
> the list.

What I like about jigdo is that it only needs to download what's
changed.  If you have a copy of the original F8 ISO (for example), you
can mount it, and it won't try and download those packages that exist
there, only the updated packages.  It will copy locally whatever it can
before starting the download phase.  So, if you have an F8 ISO that you
downloaded via BT, you only have to download the updates to create your
updated ISO image.

Yes.  Jigdo has problems.  It was designed to alleviate the load on the
hosting servers.  Not to increase the download speed to the user.  BT
acts similarly if you don't have a lot of clients actively seeding the
torrent.  I'm sure the jigdo folks would love to get input on how to
improve their design to increase throughput to the users as well.  Part
of that might be to assign a higher round robin priority to those update
servers with higher bandwidth (measured as download speed to the client)
and have the client prefer those systems over the slower ones.  You have
to trade that off against which servers are out of date and which
servers are overused (I saw this already being done via a limited number
of FTP users on those sites being downloaded from via ftp:).  I too saw
vastly different download speeds based on which servers were being used,
but my complete download happened in about 4 hours using the original F8
ISO as my starting point (for the x86_64 ISO).  YMMV

> Bill Davidsen wrote:
>> Does anyone have a bittorrent link for the Unity spins? I get
>> 3-3.5Mbit speed with torrent, and 200-400Kbit with that jigdo thing.
>> Last month I ran for five days and was still missing 27 parts, so it's
>> kind of off my list of usefully fast methods, using no parallelism at
>> all, and not letting users contribute to the supply.

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