Thunderbird & tmprules

Chris racerx at
Sun Feb 17 07:31:55 UTC 2008

Chris wrote:
> I noticed after moving back to T-Bird from Claws that my /tmp dir is 
> filling up with
> tmprules files every time it checks email. This seems to have been 
> fixed according to
> and is set for 
> Since I seem to be using the latest ( when can we expect this 
> new version to be added to the
> Fedora repos?
This seems to only happen when I have the "Trust junk mail headers set 
by (SpamAssassin) checked.
Odd - in any event, I checked the T0bird site and they are still pushing - looks like it may be
some time yet to be released.

On a silly note, the release ( made me chuckle when I read it 
as 2012 (gasp!).

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