Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Sun Feb 17 14:59:30 UTC 2008

Amadeus W.M. wrote:

> I have this Linksys WPC11 wireless pcmcia card (Prism2) that I use with
> my laptop under F8. It used to work fine in previous Fedora versions
> (circa FC4), but not in F8. When I insert it, it doesn't make any sound.
> The power light is on and steady, and the link line is on but blinking.
> /sbin/pccardctl ident
> does find it and so does lspcmcia.
> I have
> alias wlan0 orinoco_cs
> in /etc/modprobe.conf, and lsmod shows
> orinoco_cs
> orinoco
> hermes
> hostap_cs
> /sbin/ifconfig -a does report sit0, wifi0-00 and wlan0 besides eth0 and
> lo.
> However, when I try to configure and bring the card up from within
> system-config-network it fails trying to determine the IP information.

To me that sounds more like a dhcp problem.
What does /var/log/messages say on the subject?
And does the access point or machine you are trying to connect to

Also, does ifconfig see the card?
And are you running NetworkManager or not?

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