Fedora 8 iso image corrupted ?

Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Sun Feb 17 15:40:23 UTC 2008

Pedro Freire wrote:
> I don't know if this an image problem or download corruption, but before 
> I download almost 4G again I ask this:
> I downloaded via direct download the Fedora 8 dvd iso image and burned 
> it with K3b.
Did you verify the image with md5sum or sha1sum or similar? That's the 
proper step between "download" and "burn." If the checksum is good you 
have a burn problem, and don't waste time doing another D/L.

> When I try to install it it always stops with error in lohit-fonts-xxxx
> I already unselected them during custom installation but for some reason 
> the install stops with the error nevertheless. I suppose this is due to 
> some dependency but I don't know what.
> First: anyone got this error before ?
> Second: the install process shouldn't stop at this point! (the only 
> options here are 'retry' or 'reboot'. Why not 'ignore' and I would 
> install these fonts later ?

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