webcam and fc8 troubleshooting

Tom Poe tompoe at
Sun Feb 17 21:51:36 UTC 2008

sebastian at wrote:
> Tom Poe wrote:
>> I am running fc8, received gift of Quickcam Pro 9000, and need help 
>> troubleshooting it.  No response coming out of forum, so need to 
>> expand options.
>> I need to run list of commands to identify what is happening, like 
>> lsusb, etc.  Any help to figure out, whether I'm set up, and camera 
>> is faulty.
>> Tom
> Hi,
> I own the same camera, but currently I'm using it on another computer. 
> Have you already had a look at this [1]? I'm not sure whether it works 
> and I won't guarantee it, but in the future, I might also take a try.
> Sebastian
> [1] 
Thanks for the link, Sebastian.  Used it, and even had video for a 
little while.  Today, I found this link:

It calls for moving the uvcvideo.ko file:
"The webcam audio interface must be initialised before the video 
interface. Linux will by default initialise the video interface first, 
so you need to remove the uvcvideo.ko module from the /lib/modules 
subdirectory where it gets loaded automatically, and load it manually 
after plugging the webcam."

I'm now trying to find out how and where and what steps I take to do this.
1]  Move uvcvideo.ko to /home/tom/temp/uvcvideo.ko
2]  Plug webcam in, and reboot
3]  Load module manually  ????  Don't know what command to run to do 
this.  Do you?

It also says I can add the line, but don't know where, as there's no 
modprobe.conf.local file in my FC8 system.

Just add the following line to your //etc/modprobe.conf.local/ :

 install uvcvideo /sbin/modprobe snd_usb_audio; /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install uvcvideo

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