Alexander Dalloz ad+lists at
Mon Feb 18 13:33:56 UTC 2008

Andrea Bencini schrieb:
> I installed FC8 and Postfix-2.5.5-2.fc8

You mean postfix-2.4.5-2.fc8, don't you?

> Postfix is running well.
> I can stop, start or restart it without problems.

If you run "service postfix stop" or "/etc/init.d/postfix stop", does 
the process lock file persists in /var/lock/subsys/?

> When I shutdown the system (shutdown -h now), I have:
> start killall:
> stop postfix: [FAILLED]
> Can you helpme?

The killall script is just a sanity check. If the postfix service was 
stopped before but the subsys lockfile is still there, then the killall 
scripts spits out an error.

> Thanks Andrea


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