Working script won't work in rc.local

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Mon Feb 18 17:59:57 UTC 2008

On Monday 18 February 2008, Rodolfo Alcazar Portillo wrote:
>Am Montag, den 18.02.2008, 09:07 -0800 schrieb Barry Yu:
>> Below is the entire content of my script;
>> xrandr --output VGA --auto --output TMDS-1 --auto --right-of VGA
>Ah! Other probable causes: as I said, a) use /usr/bin/xrandr b)
>permissions (not very likely); c) rc.local runs as root, I don't know if
>it has access to the graphic display, or if it works by the login
>display. Try running the command after pressing CTRL-ALT-F1 and logging
>as root.
here is a thought:  As root is not logged in when rc.local runs, selinux is 
denying it.  I had to play tricks with runcon and friends to make it work 

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