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Kevin J. Cummings cummings at kjchome.homeip.net
Mon Feb 18 23:15:24 UTC 2008

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Bill Davidsen wrote:
>>> | Are there any clear instructions anywhere
>>> | explaining how to get Fedora re-spins with jigdo?
>> http://www.crashcourse.ca/wiki/index.php/Getting_Fedora_respins_with_Jigdo
>> Just a note, in case you miss it, jigdo is an update tool, not a good
>> way to pull a whole ISO image. Start with the base ISO and go from
>> there, rather than just pulling everything.
> As the OP, I read the instructions above.
> I couldn't apply them directly, as I don't have a Fedora DVD -
> I have the ISO in an NFS-mounted directory,
> and it wasn't entirely clear to me if one could substitute
> a hard disk ISO for the CD.

Yes, it is.  They want you to mount the DVD.  You already have it
mounted via NFS.  If its just the ISO, mount it with a loop option.
If its the DVD directory, just point jigdo at it.

> If this is possible, maybe it is worth adding 
> a brief explanation to the instructions.

This is not necessary if you understand what an ISO is.  An ISO is an
image of a filesystem.  When you mount it, you can see what is inside
that filesystem (files and directories).  It the ISO (either a file or a
real DVD) is mounted on a remote system, then you only need to point
jigdo at the mount point.  If the ISO is made available via NFS, then
mount it locally on your system.  Something like:

mount -t iso9660 -o "loop,ro" /mnt/ISO /path/to/dir/with/iso/ISOfilename

this assumes you created the local mount point  /mnt/ISO to mount it on.

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