Jigdo instructions, please

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Tue Feb 19 03:15:45 UTC 2008

Kevin J. Cummings wrote:

>> As the OP, I read the instructions above.
>> I couldn't apply them directly, as I don't have a Fedora DVD -
>> I have the ISO in an NFS-mounted directory,
>> and it wasn't entirely clear to me if one could substitute
>> a hard disk ISO for the CD.
> Yes, it is.  They want you to mount the DVD.  You already have it
> mounted via NFS.  If its just the ISO, mount it with a loop option.
> If its the DVD directory, just point jigdo at it.
>> If this is possible, maybe it is worth adding
>> a brief explanation to the instructions.
> This is not necessary if you understand what an ISO is.

I do know what an ISO is.

> An ISO is an image of a filesystem. 

Sort of.

> When you mount it, you can see what is inside 
> that filesystem (files and directories).  It the ISO (either a file or a
> real DVD) is mounted on a remote system, then you only need to point
> jigdo at the mount point.  If the ISO is made available via NFS, then
> mount it locally on your system.  Something like:
> mount -t iso9660 -o "loop,ro" /mnt/ISO /path/to/dir/with/iso/ISOfilename
> this assumes you created the local mount point  /mnt/ISO to mount it on.

I have heard of "mount -o loop".
But the instructions say one should insert a DVD,
which I take to mean that one should insert a DVD.

This is not always - or even usually - equivalent to "mount -o loop".

The jigdo documentation is not very good,
which is not surprising if the people writing it share your approach.

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