Jigdo instructions, please

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Tue Feb 19 13:13:22 UTC 2008

Robert P. J. Day wrote:

> ... regarding my jigdo instructions, i'm guessing ...
>> I have heard of "mount -o loop". But the instructions say one should
>> insert a DVD, which I take to mean that one should insert a DVD.
> if this is meant to be a criticism of my HOWTO on jigdo, i can see
> your point.  however, to be fair, right near the top, i do in fact
> emphasize:
> "Please read the rest of this page before trying any of it. Seriously.
> I mean it. I'm not kidding."
> and further down the page, i also make it clear:
> "Note that if you have directory locations for other files that might
> save time in the reconstruction process, just keep entering those
> locations as you're prompted one at a time until you're done, and
> finally just hit ENTER to let the construction begin. For the sake of
> this exercise, we'll just assume you're working only with what's on
> the original release DVD."
>   so while i don't come ***right out*** and explain how to work with
> an ISO image rather than a physical DVD, that above text should have
> been enough for most people to draw the obvious logical inference and
> to simply mount the ISO image somewhere and use its mount point as a
> directory location.

Dear Robert,

I don't think "most people" would understand the remark above
to mean that one should use "mount -o loop" on an ISO file.
You over-estimate the knowledge and experience of "most" Linux users,
I suspect.

I was unduly critical of your instructions,
but I still think you should say explicitly -
by giving a concrete example -
how to use jigdo with an ISO file as opposed to a DVD.

>> The jigdo documentation is not very good, which is not surprising if
>> the people writing it share your approach.

I wasn't referring to you.
Nor was I referring in particular to your documentation,
which I found reasonably lucid,
though I believe it could be improved as I suggest above.

But it seems to me that if Fedora re-spins using jigdo
are to become an official, or semi-official, part of Fedora
then those creating the jigdos are under some obligation
to explain how to use them.

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