problem with permissions of usb key

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Tue Feb 19 17:43:19 UTC 2008

Tom Holroyd wrote:
> I see, thanks. So I need to grab them and start talking on the link to
> keep it alive. I see a bunch of /dev/usbdevN.M_ep[08][01] files. N
> depends on the socket, I think, and M increments, so it's a bit
> unpredictable. The files are owned by root, and nothing seems to start
> up to take care of them. Who would normally do that? Also I see like 5
> of those files, and no clue which one to use. It used to be,
> that /dev/ttyUSB[01] was created, and the one to use was 0. I would just
> run pilot-xfer at the appropriate moment. I could still do that, if the
> files were owned by me. It seems like I could change the files
> in /etc/udev, but they all say not to change them!
You may want to take a look in the /usr/share/pilot-link/ directory.
60-pilot.rules is udev rules.
60-pilot.perms are console.perms rules to handle permissions.

Copy them to:

You can then use /dev/pilot instead of /dev/ttyUSB0.


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