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Tue Feb 19 20:06:00 UTC 2008

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Robert P. J. Day wrote:
| (regarding the annoyance of DVD mount point names containing embedded
| quotes)
| On Tue, 19 Feb 2008, David Boles wrote:
|> Perhaps the name inside quotes?
|> "The disk name goes here"
|> In GNOME the DVD name displayed in the GUI named 'Computer' and on the
|> Desktop is:
|> "FU 20080204 8 x86_64 DVD"
|> In a terminal window in X it is:
|> /media/"FU 20080204 8 x86_64 DVD"
|> Notice both contain the spaces and the quotes.
|> However when viewed at level init 3 the name is:
|> /media/"FU\ 20080204\ 8\ x86_64\ DVD"
| hang on here ... do you *know* for a *fact* that the above will work?
| because i'm sure i tried that and it failed -- that's the only reason
| that i got into that ugly detail on the wiki page.
| if the above actually works, then i can simplify that page immensely.

No sir I do not. I had the original DVD and then the updated one(s) to use
as my source(s). But it is a thought. I was thinking that perhaps bash
sees:   Name of DVD     as three words and stops with with the first word
and that  "Name of DVD"    would be seen as one word. Like a $STRING.

BTW While you are at it the actual packages are 'in' the Packages folder
on the DVD. I put that as my mount point by using  cd /Packages   so that
was where the computer 'was' when first jigdo looked. That seemed like a
reasonable thing to do at the time.
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~  David

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