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Tue Feb 19 20:05:56 UTC 2008

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Robert P. J. Day wrote:
| On Tue, 19 Feb 2008, David Boles wrote:
|> BTW I made the 20080204 Fedora i386 CD set by using the updated
|> 20080204 Fedora-Unity DVD as my package source. Jigdo downloaded
|> nothing but the templates for the CDs and took all of the rpm
|> packages from the DVD. That was interesting to watch.
| i guess that shouldn't surprise anyone -- the packages should be
| exactly the same, with perhaps some anaconda-related stuff being
| different, if at all.
|> ~From the way it reads Jigdo can also be used to make a Fedora 7
|> into a Fedora 8.
| and why not?  in a nutshell (as i understand it), when you want to
| create a new DVD, you have to grab the appropriate template file,
| which has a detailed list of precisely what packages the process
| needs.  where those packages come from isn't relevant.
| as an extreme example, you can always create an F8 DVD from, say, an
| F4 DVD -- it just won't save you much time since i'm guessing it will
| find almost nothing that can be re-used.
|> Speaking of which, as I understand it, jigdo will be an option for
|> Fedora 9 ISOs.
| ooh, excellent.  i must watch for this.
| rday
| p.s.  david:  pedantically speaking :-), i would try to avoid using
| the phrase "Jigdo can also be used to make a Fedora 7 into a Fedora
| 8".   technically, you're not "making" anything into anything else,
| you're simply constructing a specific DVD version and picking as much
| reusable content as you can from somewhere else.
| but you knew that.  :-)

Picky. Picky. Picky.  ;-)

Yes I did. But I figured that some might find that a more clear concept.

I have, it has been years, used rsync to update a beta1 iso to a beta2 iso
and then a 'gold' iso. The original ISO had to be renamed to the same name
as the new one for this to work. But it did work.

And this got me to thinking, I do that from time to time, I wonder if
bittorrent would 'update' an ISO if you renamed the ISO and ran a 'new'
bittorrent for the 'new' ISO?

I don't use bittorrent myself because my ISP is one of those that
throttles it. That and it can be incredibly slow at times.

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~  David

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