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Wed Feb 20 01:59:22 UTC 2008

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> Mick M. wrote:
> > Hi;
> >   I have comcast as an ISP.
> > I spent about 2 hours with the tech support people trying to get my
> > website to display more than a blank page.
> > 
> > They say that it will not work with firefox, or Linux.
> > 
> > Surely someone has got this to work?
> > How did you do it?
> > What tools/programs did you use?
> > 
> > I used their creator tool to put some text and a .jpg in thee.
> > Their tool shows the .jpg but not the page, in preview.
> > 
> > They say that because I was running firefox/Linux when I did it it's
> > broken and they can't fix it.
> > 
> > When I ftp into the site I can login but cannot delete or add files.
> > 
> > Mick M.
> > 
> > 
> > Death before Decaf!!!
> Are you trying to use a web publishing tool of theirs?
> If so - it is possible they use some Microsoft specific scripts (ActiveX 
> ??) for their publishing tool.
> In all honesty - you are probably better of using a web host that isn't 
> tied to your ISP.
> GoDaddy has some very cheap hosting plans that include php and mysql - 
> and work just fine with Linux. I don't know if they have web based gui 
> tools that make the site for you, but I've generally found such "web 
> design tools" to be rather pathetic.
> If you don't want to learn html, I believe nvu is available in Fedora. 
> You can design a web page with that, and publish to a standard web host.
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I use Comcast also, and host my web site via my always-on connection--
from inside my home.  This gives you the freedom to make your site how
YOU want it.  You own it, you control it.  Want to do something fancy, 
like securely authenticating users? You won't be able to on Comcast's 
servers.  These types of "personal web site" offerings are little more 
than an FTP site that speaks http.  They certainly won't let you run
your own executable code.

My setup?

An old PII, 266MHz
httpd (Apache)
a domain name
dynamic DNS, which overcomes the possibility of my IP address changing
     over time
ddclient, a script that polls my public IP address periodically, and
    updates the dDNS servers if need be. In reality, though, I've had
    the same IP address for two years
A dDNS provider (I happen to use

My site is nothing spectacular, and mainly an exercise in setting up
a working, hopefully secure, web site.  The only down side is the
384K clamp on the upstream speed.  You won't be able to stream video
with this setup, but WTF, it works.

I'd like to set up my own mail server for my domain, too, but initial
tests show that Comcast, in my area anyway, blocks outbound traffic
destined to port 25 (SMTP).  After one laughably ridiculous conversation
with their tech support, I haven't pursued it further.

You might want to check into it.  Google "dynamic DNS," and take it from

Good luck, and have fun!!


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