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Neil Cherry ncherry at
Wed Feb 20 03:25:07 UTC 2008

Mick M. wrote:
>> In all honesty - you are probably better of using a web host that
>> isn't tied to your ISP.

I'll agree with this, if you're a bit more serious about your
web page (like I am).

> Hi;
>  thanks for the replies.
> I don't have a choice of ISP, cable monopoly modem.

My condolences, I'm in the same boat.

> I do not really need a website, I just wanted to put up a couple of
> projects for other people to reference.
> I am an old Toyota nut, TE72 with 3T-C.

> I did not realize that Comcast gave me one.
> They don't say so and it's hard to find the url for it.

I've got Comcast, I write the pages local on my Linux machine,
use sitecopy to post them to Comcast and (see below).

Here's my commentary on their email service:

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