USB Audio Device screwing up onboard audio[BZ 232217]

Sean Bruno sean.bruno at
Wed Feb 20 04:12:53 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-02-19 at 22:02 +0100, Nigel Henry wrote:
> On Tuesday 19 February 2008 20:57, Sean Bruno wrote:
> > Oldie but a goodie methinks.  Looks like having a USB audio device(mine
> > is a ION USB Turntable) connected when rebooting is still hosing up the
> > audio card detection on system startup.
> >
> > I have an Intel compatible audio device using snd_intel8x0 on the
> > motherboard.  To work around this issue, I had to disconnect my USB
> > audio device, rmmod and modprobe the snd_intel8x0 module and then
> > reconnect my USB turntable.
> >
> > I remember something like this issue from at least a year ago, is it
> > non-trivial to fix?
> >
> > Sean
> Hi Sean. This is the sort of problem I have with my usb midi keyboard. The USB 
> loads early in the boot process, and if audio related usb devices are 
> detected, they are are set as card0, and your actual soundcard as card1, with 
> the consequence that you have no sounds.
> A couple of lines added to /etc/modprobe.conf may help, as below.
> alias snd-card-1 snd-usb-audio
> options snd-usb-audio index=1
> Before adding these lines and with your USB deck connected, boot up, and check 
> out cat /proc/asound/cards. You may well find your turntable set as card0.
Indeed, that is the solution that I used in F7.  I am a bit befuddled
that it is still there in F8.

A little bugzilla-ing shows that this one just keeps hanging around.
Can anyone on the Q/A team bump this ticket's priority or something?

It seems like a 100% reproducible issue on my side.


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