kernel panic on Fedora 8 - a serious bug!

Jim van Wel jim at
Wed Feb 20 14:38:44 UTC 2008

Hi there,

Can you send a copy of your kernel panic. Probably it's loading a module,
which is buggy or doing something nasty.


> Hi,
> I have a major problem with my Fedora 8, as you can see from the subject
> line.
> I have wireless adsl modem with WPA encryption. My laptop has Intel
> 3945ABG wireless card and loads iwl3945 module for it.
> When I boot into gnome, gnome password manager pops up and asks me my
> personal key for unlocking passwords so that it can enter WPA password
> for adls modem.
> If I enter my password emediately, while gnome applets are still
> loading, I get a kernel panic and a dead system!
> If I wait while everything is loaded, still some times I get a kernel
> panic.
> Only way not to get a kernel panic is to click cancel on gnome window
> that asks for my password, and then via NetworkManager click on my
> network and then enter key in gnome password manager...
> Any ideas why? How to fix this really nasty bug? How to troubleshoot this?
> Cheers,
> Valent.
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