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S P Arif Sahari Wibowo arifsaha at
Wed Feb 20 15:30:58 UTC 2008

On Wed, 20 Feb 2008, Andrew Kelly wrote:
> Basically, all I want to do is be notified on my cell by any 
> of my servers, should certain conditions arise. Since I can't 
> send an e-mail to my phone, I'd like to send and SMS. And I 
> need to be able to script the action, ergo command-line.

Many provider either has e-mail to text message gateway or web 
to text message gateway, this will be your best option.

Keep in mind that SMS / text messaging is not an open network 
like e-mail: a particular provider setup which networks it want 
accept message from. If you not in that networks, you cannot 
send text message to that provider. Hence to send text message, 
you need to be in the networks, either by using cell phone, cell 
modem, or paid text message service.

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