Memory Allocation Table question ??

William Case billlinux at
Wed Feb 20 16:41:33 UTC 2008


Today Ray Pittigher in his posting "Subject:Is this a Kernel Problem?
(sh: page allocation failure. order:4, mode:0xd0)" included a table of
memory allocations:
        "sh: page allocation failure. order:4, mode:0xd0
          [<c0144410>] __alloc_pages+0x294/0x2a6
          [<c014443a>] __get_free_pages+0x18/0x24
          [<c0146f60>] kmem_getpages+0x1c/0xbb
          [<c0147aae>] cache_grow+0xab/0x138
          [<c0147ca0>] cache_alloc_refill+0x165/0x19d
          [<c0148074>] __kmalloc+0x76/0x88
          [<c013dff9>] audit_bprm+0x52/0x10a
          [<c014b953>] kunmap_high+0x63/0x80
          [<c0163aed>] copy_strings+0x22b/0x235
          [<c0164b66>] search_binary_handler+0x32/0x22a
          [<c0164ecb>] do_execve+0x16d/0x1fd
          [<c01049d5>] sys_execve+0x2b/0x8a
          [<c02d5ee3>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb
         Mem-info: etc ..."

I have been looking for such a table for my memory allocations (just for
a look-see).  What command or utility can I use to get such a table?

I would like to actually see (just for curiosity and understanding of
how memory works) user space and kernel space allocations.  I have
several manuals that explain the use of memory, so I don't need more of
that type of reading.  I just want one look at the "real thing" on my
own computer.

Can anyone make some suggestions?

Regards Bill

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