FC8 and NFS service

Terry Polzin foxec208 at wowway.com
Wed Feb 20 19:57:31 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 20 February 2008 14:32, Bill Davidsen wrote:
> I am trying to replace a bunch of NFS servers with new machines running
> FC8. The NFS server is doing some kind of evil security check which was
> not present in FC1, causing connection rejects like "invalid port
> XXXXXX" messages. Since the port works against the FC1 server, and there
> are 120-140 clients per server, running various operating systems, the
> solution lies in telling the NFS service to stop doing the unwanted
> security check and treat anything coming through iptables as valid.
> Has someone a thought on this? Changing clients isn't going to happen,
> and it seems the Solaris NFS server works (or the upgrade from FC1 might
> be dropped).
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> Bill Davidsen <davidsen at tmr.com>
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> the machinations of the wicked."  - from Slashdot
Can we see your /etc/exports file?  You may need to add insecure to your 
exports to use some ports in newer NFS instances.  
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