How do i turn GDM sounds on?

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at
Wed Feb 20 23:34:19 UTC 2008

Mark wrote:
> Hey,
> In gdmsetup you have a "Accessibility" tab where you can set sounds. I
> selected everything there and set the three sounds but when GDM starts
> there is no sound. Is there another setting that i need to change
> somewhere else?
> And before you ask. my sound in other applications is working fine so
> it isn't a sound card issue.
> And a side question also related with the sounds. how do i turn on the
> login and shutdown sounds of Gnome? when i enable the sounds in the
> sound settings they are not working and never did in Fefora 7 or 8
> (don't remember 6 well).
> Or are both issues bugs?
> If so than please verify them and i will report them.
> Thanx
> Mark.

I'd say they are bugs. I see the user list, type in the password and do 
not consider sound as important for a Graphical login which only is 
momentarily used. There should be a sight impaired program separately 
for login related to sound. I don't thing that there is one, but it 
would be a valuable tool for sight limited circumstances.

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