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Bob Kinney bc98kinney at
Wed Feb 20 23:34:17 UTC 2008

--- Todd Zullinger <tmz at> wrote:

> Bob Kinney wrote:
> > I use Comcast also, and host my web site via my always-on
> > connection-- from inside my home.  This gives you the freedom to
> > make your site how YOU want it.  You own it, you control it.
> And this is a violation of the comcast terms of service agreement last
> time I read it.  Whether you, they, or anyone else cares is another
> matter. ;)

I did take a look at that, and I believe it says that I cannot host a 
*commercial* site.

> > I'd like to set up my own mail server for my domain, too, but
> > initial tests show that Comcast, in my area anyway, blocks outbound
> > traffic destined to port 25 (SMTP).  After one laughably ridiculous
> > conversation with their tech support, I haven't pursued it further.
> Even if comcast didn't block outbound port 25 you'd find that many
> other mail servers would not accept your mail because it was coming
> from a known dynamic IP address pool.

Yeah, I suppose most mailers use some sort of blacklist these days.

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