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Neil Cherry ncherry at
Wed Feb 20 23:41:13 UTC 2008

Mike - W0TMW wrote:

>>> I'd like to set up my own mail server for my domain, too, but
>>> initial tests show that Comcast, in my area anyway, blocks outbound
>>> traffic destined to port 25 (SMTP).  After one laughably ridiculous
>>> conversation with their tech support, I haven't pursued it further.
>> Even if comcast didn't block outbound port 25 you'd find that many
>> other mail servers would not accept your mail because it was coming
>> from a known dynamic IP address pool.
> All you have to do is point your sendmail to comcast's mail server 
> ( That's what I do and it works just fine. I've had my 
> webpage on my local Linux box for years and have never had a complaint 
> from Comcast.  Of course, I don't have millions of daily hits either.

You're lucky, Comcast shutdown access to port 25 inbound and outbound
to me. Here's my rant about it:

I switched over to using Gmail for my outbound service:

I've also had a great many problems with Comcast, mail list
and any html email. The mail list were getting bounced (often)
and the outbound html email was getting dropped. I've since moved
as much of my email off Comcast as possible. And before anyone
get too crazy I usually send out no more than 10 emails a day.
I receive a lot more as I'm on about 15 mail lists.

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