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Neil Cherry ncherry at
Wed Feb 20 23:54:47 UTC 2008

Pete Huckelba wrote:
> Andrew Kelly wrote:
>> Hi y'all,
>> can any of you recommend a command-line tool for sending an SMS to a
>> cell phone? Half an hour of googl'ing has brought me only outdated,
>> half-finished or modem dependant stuff of little or no value.
>> Help much appreciated.
>> Andy
> I can't vouch for the other providers, but ATT/Cingular works for me.
> ATT/Cingular: phonenumber at
> T-Mobile: phonenumber at
> Virgin Mobile: phonenumber at
> Sprint: phonenumber at
> Verizon: phonenumber at
> Nextel: phonenumber at
> where phonenumber = your 10 digit phone number
> Try something like:
> echo "my sms message" | mutt 1234567890 at
> -Pete

I think that you should keep the message length to less than
160 characters for the message, from and subject. I'm not
certain of that but that's the impression I got from use
the test messaging app on my cell phone.

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