truecrypt and kb3

Jesus Jr M Salvo jesus.m.salvo at
Thu Feb 21 02:40:01 UTC 2008


Running x86_64 Fedora 7.

I have quite a few  JPEGs of personal documents ( e.g. tax forms,
insurance, bank statements, shareholdings, etc.. ) that I have scanned
from my multi-purpose printer / scanner / copier. Now I want to burn
these JPEGs into CD or DVD, but I would preferrably want them to be
encrypted, specially in this day and age about privacy and identity

Preferrably, the encypted files OR encrypted ISO image could be
decrypted on any platform. No I have read that kb3 would be the
perfect solution for this.

Now questions are:

1) Do I need a CD burner application that is truecrypt-aware ? I have
been using k3b ( the CD / DVD burner app for KDE ) for quite a few
years now.

2) Also, there does not seem to be an available RPM for truecrypt.
Best thing that I can find is this: and install from source. Why
is it not in any main repo ( fedora, livna, or freshrpms ) ... is it
for legal reasons ?


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