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Todd Zullinger tmz at
Thu Feb 21 05:24:26 UTC 2008

Bob Kinney wrote:
> Not wanting to get too off topic here (sorry everybody), but are you 
> saying that you relay through their servers? 
> They tolerate from/reply-to addresses for your own domain, or is this
> a POP style arrangement facilitated via sendmail?

Most ISP's allows you to use anything in the From field that you want.
I've used tmz at for many years and for most of that time, I
was not using for smtp service.

I am using as my personal smtp provider now, due to constant
problems with comcast blocking the mail that was forwarded to my
comcast account from and a general slowness of comcast's
mail servers.  I use comcast only for bandwidth at this point --
that's about all they are good for IMO.

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