Dolphin issues after KDEBASE4 update

Jorge Fábregas jorge.fabregas at
Thu Feb 21 12:21:14 UTC 2008

Hello guys,

I'm running stock KDE (3.5.x) on Fedora 8 and I was using (until now) d3lphin.  
After the recent kdebase4 update d3lphin was deleted. Ok, I now have the real 
dolphin from kde 4...  However:

1- Its default behaviour is single-click.  I run my KDE system 
with "double-click  How can I change this?

2- It has its own file-type associations. It won't respect my current KDE 
file-type associations. 

Right, I know dolphin is using its kde4 libraries (not getting the stuff I 
configure on my KDE3 Control Center) so... is there a KDE4 Control Center? I 
did a search on the files installed by kdebase4 and I don't see any 
kcontrol4 :(

I don't want to install the full-blown kde 4.... (I'll wait until 4.1) but I 
was used to d3lphin and now I can't configure dolphin as I did with d3lphin.

Thanks for any help.

Best regards,

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