command line sms tool

Saurabh Bathe sbathe at
Thu Feb 21 13:50:23 UTC 2008

Andrew Kelly wrote:
> Hi y'all,
> can any of you recommend a command-line tool for sending an SMS to a
> cell phone? Half an hour of googl'ing has brought me only outdated,
> half-finished or modem dependant stuff of little or no value. 
> Help much appreciated.

For this to work, yo basically need some gateway for connecting the two 
different networks (IP -> Cellular).
Not sure if this will help you, but what you can do is:
1. Have your servers send an email to a server that you control
2. On this email server install a package called "smstools"
yum install should work in F8.
3. Attach a GSM modem to this machine

Now you can parse the messages that come in, convert them in a format 
required for smsd. Effectively you have your own SMS gateway :)

Otherwise, you can try and find a third party smsgateways services that 
others have mentioned earlier. But if these alerts are really critical, 
I prefer something that I can mostly control.


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