How to stop ssh-agent being started?

Jonathan Underwood jonathan.underwood at
Thu Feb 21 17:28:45 UTC 2008

On 21/02/2008, Rex Dieter <rdieter at> wrote:
> Chris G wrote:
>  > I'm running Fedora 7 but I *don't* want ssh-agent started
>  > automatically, it gets in the way of an ssh pipe I sometimes need to
>  > create.
>  >
>  > I can't see any 'proper' way to prevent it from starting, it appears
>  > to be hard-coded in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc-common (and the scripts
>  > that call it).  Am I missing something or is this really not
>  > configurable?
> Atm, all hard-coded, I'm afraid.  Proposals have been floating around how to
>  make this robust, configurable (and to allow other sorts of session agents,
>  including, for example, gpg-agent), but nothing has come of that yet.

Do you have links to any information on these proposals? - I ask
because I've been looking at the possibilities of better integrating
the seahorse agent with fedora too.


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