truecrypt and kb3

Robin Laing Robin.Laing at
Thu Feb 21 20:28:44 UTC 2008

Todd Zullinger wrote:
> Jesus Jr M Salvo wrote:
>> 1) Do I need a CD burner application that is truecrypt-aware ? I have
>> been using k3b ( the CD / DVD burner app for KDE ) for quite a few
>> years now.
> I'm not familiar with Truecrypt so take this with some salt and
> consider it "for what it's worth."  But I would think that you could
> create a volume on your disk, copy files into it, then burn that to a
> CD using any burning software you wanted.  You may need to copy the
> volume from the cd to your disk to open and extract files from it,
> depending on how Truecrypt works.
>> 2) Also, there does not seem to be an available RPM for truecrypt.
>> Best thing that I can find is this:
>> and install from source. Why
>> is it not in any main repo ( fedora, livna, or freshrpms ) ... is it
>> for legal reasons ?
> It's not included because it requires a kernel module for one.  Unless
> that kernel module gets in the upstream kernel, truecrypt won't be in
> Fedora[1].
> I think the license may also be problematic, as it does not allow for
> distributing modified versions.  Well, it does, but only if you fork
> it and call it something else.  (This is similar to what Debian did for
> Firefox, which that call by another name.)
> Whether anyone wants to do so and try and get a truecrypt fork into
> Livna I don't know.  I'd rather just use LUKS volumes.  If I needed
> Windows compatibility, I'd look at FreeOTFE[2].
> [1]
> [2]

I don't know what the link has to say because I don't have 
an account but there is a version 5.0a of truecrypt is now out.  More 
bells and wistles and I understand that they have gotten around the 
kernel module issue.

I did find an rpm for FC4 some time ago.  I have not looked at truecrypt 
recently.  I do know people that use it in Ubuntu and love it.

Robin Laing

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