Fedora 8: tcsh .history file destroyed on exit?

Markku Kolkka markkuk at tuubi.net
Thu Feb 21 21:57:54 UTC 2008

James Frye kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika torstai, 21. 
helmikuuta 2008):

> Perhaps dumber answer: what's "yum"?  I don't mean that as a
> literal question, and I can do a search for more info now that
> you've given me a hint. I mean how should I know about it,
> when it's not mentioned in any installation instructions I've
> ever seen?

It's mentioned in Chapter 18 of the Fedora 8 Installation Guide: 
and in the "Top Docs" section of the Fedora Documentation 
webpage: http://docs.fedoraproject.org/

> As to why I compiled from source, how else would I do it?  To
> me that's the normal way to install most software 

In that case you should be running Linux From Scratch or Gentoo 
instead of Fedora. Fedora is based on the RPM package management 

 Markku Kolkka
 markku.kolkka at iki.fi

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