Is there any print enabled graphic design software?

Alan Cox alan at
Fri Feb 22 09:55:32 UTC 2008

> Yes, I'm looking into Scribus now. I'll see how it goes- so far so good
> though, but I think I'll need to use GIMP to provide better graphics and
> copy into Scribus. Any graphic designers using OSS I'll be very happy to
> hear from you on what methods to use :)

Slightly different field but:

Gimp to produce digital artwork masters at 600dpi for etching to brass
Own software to run verifier checks on them (line width etc)
Inkscape to vectorise them if I need to cut matching paint masks, vinyl or
styrene parts on a cutter

What I'm a bit stuck on is a way to persuade inkscape to layer separate
for vinyl cutting (eg if you are cutting a Linux penguin you don't want
to cut a set of interlocking shapes but a black penguin outline with a
white body on top [or indeed vice versa] and beak/feet on top of that).


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