What to do?

Scott geekboy at angrykeyboarder.com
Fri Feb 22 19:12:25 UTC 2008

Robert Wuest wrote:
> My system is really fouled up now.  Starting with the updates on Feb 18,
> it seems the whole thing is falling apart.  Before that it ran like
> clockwork. 


> I'm really nervous about this.  I ran FC4 for a long long time and it
> was so stable.  On quite a few systems.  It's still running on my little
> home server.  I need a stable dev system.  I've been making a living
> developing Linux systems for over 12 years now and I can't get own F8
> box to run smooth?  That sure doesn't look good to clients.  I've spent
> dozens of hours trying to heal this box and it just seems to be getting
> worse.

I wouldn't dream of using Fedora in a "Production Environment". I know 
people do, but frankly, Fedora is geared more toward enthusiasts (such 
as myself).  If you want a truly "stable" production system, you should 
look elsewhere.

I would *never* use any distro that's known as "cutting edge" or 
"bleeding edge" in a production environment.  Fedora would be at (or 
near) the top of my list of distros not to use in said environment.

> It probably matters that this install was done as a clean F7 install
> which was live upgraded to F8 after about 2 weeks.


Um.. yeah..

Are you *sure* you've been a Fedora user for several years now? :)

		  See http://preview.tinyurl.com/2p5m5c

Distro upgrades have been ill-advised since day one (although it's 
getting better). Personally I *never* do upgrades from one version to 
another, regardless of OS. It's just so much cleaner (and easier in the 
long run) to back up your files and do a fresh install.

> SO I see 4 choices: 
> 	1) Do a clean install of F8, essentially start over (I have
> separate /, /boot, /opt, /home, and /usr/local partitions), 
> 	2) try and fix this (the pam thing _really_ makes me leary), 
> 	3) cross my fingers and hope it stays up 'til F9 comes out and hope
> that is better, 
> 	4) jump ship to some other distro.

Honestly, in your case I'd go with #4. But only because your system is 
for a "production environment".

Amd based on your past RedHat/Fedora experience, I'd recommend you dump 
Fedora and switch to CentOS.


If you otherwise still love Fedora, then dual boot Fedora and CentOS.

You'll get the best of both worlds.

Just my $.02

I've never used an OS I didn't (dis)like.
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