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On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 01:19:16PM -0500, max bianco wrote:
> Can someone point me to a good modem how to? I am trying to setup a dial-in
> server and I cannot detect my modem but it is listed in lspci. When i run
> wvdialconf i get no modem detected. I have tried several different modems,
> lspci lists them but my configuration is obviously lacking somewhere, i have
> used the setserial command but apparently not correctly. i have read and
> followed several how to's but none by itself seems complete. Can anyone help
> by pointing me to a good source for modem config on  Redhat and clones. I
> know not all modems are compatible so a suggestion for an internal modem
> that is know to work is also welcome. I have a lot of old internal modems
> lying around so one is bound to be compatible. I have tried conextant,
> agere, ESS, and smartlink internal modems. From what I understand I'd have
> better luck with an external modem but I don't have one lying around so.....

seeing it in lspci means, I think, that the PCI interface is visible.
I don't think that necessarily means there's actually a real modem
there though. It could be one of those "worthless winmodems", i.e, a
device with a PCI interface and a phone jack but withouto all the
hardware that makes it a real modem.  If that's what it is, you may be
able to find drivers for it for Linux, or maybe not. My experience with
those things, limited though it may be, is that they're pretty crappy.
I'd suggest springing for an external SERIAL (not USB) modem.

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