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On Fri, 2008-02-22 at 13:44 -0500, max bianco wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 2:37 PM, Gene Heskett
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>         On Wednesday 20 February 2008, Phil Meyer wrote:
>         >Gene Heskett wrote:
>         >> Greetings folks;
>         >>
>         >> As a staunch believer in Open Source in the form of linux,
>         I've always
>         >> wondered just where M$ would attack linux, and it appears
>         they have found
>         >> an ally and a willing vehicle in Novel, who I am told now
>         owns gnome.
>         >>
>         >> I'll let the data in this link speak for itself.
>         >>
>         >>
>         <>
>         >
>         >...
>         >
>         >Might I recommend where these issues have
>         been
>         >researched as closely as humanly possible.
>         I follow Pamela.
>         >MS is a real threat to the FOSS community, make no mistake.
>          However,
>         >most of their FUD campaigns fail under scrutiny.
>         >
>         >The single biggest threat to FOSS are software patents.  It
>         is
>         >unknowable who will pull the trigger first.  It might well be
>         MS, but it
>         >could be IBM or any number of patent trolls.
>         >
>         >If you want to really stretch the ability of your tinfoil
>         hat, just
>         >consider:
>         >
>         >1. IBM has the largest patent portfolio in the world.
>         >2. MS has submited as many as 3,000 patent applications a
>         year for the
>         >last several years.
>         >3. IBM has sold off all corporate assets that had contractual
>         >obligations to MS.
>         >
>         >Can you even imagine what would happen if IBM and MS were to
>         declare
>         >open war over software patents?
>         Both of which have deeeeep pockets, and could sue each other
>         for decades which
>         would in the end only enrichen the lawyers.  No profit in
>         that.
>         I've Been Moved is currently on our side, apparently having
>         seen the
>         handwriting on the wall several years ago.  But M$ most
>         certainly isn't, and
>         I can't think of any better a way than to sign don't sue
>         agreements with one
>         of the more prolific contributors to FOSS in general, and sit
>         back and wait
>         till their contributions contain enough patented stuff to
>         throw a real 36"
>         monkey wrench in the gears by suing the rest of the linux
>         folks out of
>         existence because those deeeeep pockets aren't there.
> ,
> We will know M$ is desperate when they start canvasing neighborhoods
> to see who's running linux.  As for Novell, well they either screwed
> themselves or did everyone a big favor( i think they just wanted the
> infusion of capital). Microsoft has yet to reveal these supposed
> patent violations, i think any court in the land would say that it is
> reasonable to list the patents so that the situation can be rectified
> but so far they have refused. I believe they are full of shit and they
> won't list the violations either because: 1)there aren't any,
> 2)someone they can't get to sign one of these ludicrous agreements(ie
> REDHAT) has a bigger gun ( in some form or another), 3)they could
> potentially have to open their code to prove it( which may show how
> many patents they are violating, while also showing the world a
> crapload of new vulnerabilities 
> to exploit), 4) any patent violations would be easily rectified or
> shown to be obvious.
> M$ doesn't even have the balls to attack linux directly anymore, they
> hide behind proxies I'd say they are losing their nerve over in
> Redmond. In the end only one thing is sure, its gonna interesting.
On the other hand M$ anounced today it would rellease 3,000 pages of its
Vista and Office code to the public.
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