Network services clashing

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Fri Feb 22 23:14:43 UTC 2008

>> send us the output from:
>> chkconfig --list

> [root at itqs-arun arun]# chkconfig --list
> bash: chkconfig: command not found

I'm guessing that you became root by doing "su" rather than "su -", so
the /sbin directory isn't in your search path.  It's usually best to
become root using "su -" rather than "su", then you'll get the full root
user's working environment.

Next time you get a "command not found" error, try using the locate
command (e.g. locate chkconfig).  If the drive's been indexed, you'll
get a list of results, and if you see /sbin/ or /usr/sbin/ you can type
the full path, or use a login that includes that path by default.

NB:  You can grep the output to ignore other non-command files with the
     same characters in the filenames (libraries, documentation, etc.).

     e.g. locate chkconfig|grep bin

Otherwise, to use unfound commands, you can just try prefixing them
with /sbin/ or /usr/sbin/.

> I have listed the services
> Networkmanager – disable
> Networkmanagerdispatcher – disable
> bluetooth – disable
> iptables – disable netfs – running 
> netplugd – disable 
> network – running 
> nfs – disable 
> nfslock – running 
> nscd – disable 
> ntpd – disable
> As soon as I enable Networkmanager, Networkmanagerdispatcher, my
> network Notwork.

And in that list is what I mentioned earlier on in this thread - the
"network" service and the "NetworkManager..." services are not
compatible.  You use network without the NetworkManager services, or you
use the NetworkManager services without the network service.  Trying to
use them both at the same time is problematic.

The "network" service starts up manually setup networks, or
installation-time setup networks.  It can handle static addresses, and
doesn't need a DHCP server on the network.  It can also handle dynamic
addresses, and use DHCP, but it doesn't *need* them.  What it's not good
at handling is varying networks (e.g. wireless now, wired later, and
swapping between them automatically).

The "NetworkManager" and "NetworkManagerDispatcher" services can handle
adhoc networks that change (going from wireless to wired, or from one
wireless network to another), automatically.  But it depends on there
being automatic assignment of network addresses by something else, such
as a DHCP server, or self-assigned automatic addresses using a zeroconf
service running on the same machine.

(This computer runs FC7, my others run FC4, FC5 & FC6, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

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