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max bianco wrote:
> 2008/2/22 Mikkel L. Ellertson <mikkel at 
> <mailto:mikkel at>>:
>     Let me make sure I understand what you are trying to do. If I am
>     reading things right, you want people to be able to dial into your
>     machine, and log in (or make a ppp connection). If this is the case,
>     you need to configure mgetty for the ports you want. You then need
>     to create entries for each line in /etc/inittab. They used to
>     include examples in inittab, but they do not any more. There are
>     examples in the inittab man page. There is also a fair amount of
>     documentation included in the gmetty package.
> Yes I want to be able to dial in and access the network. However I am 
> having  trouble dialing out from my f8 box as it does not detect the 
> modem. The dial-in server is centos actually but it has the same 
> problem, it cannot detect the modem that is installed. So I figure these 
> as my first two hurdles, getting both boxes to recognize that they have 
> modems then setting up the stuff you suggest with mgetty or do i have to 
> configure mgetty to get my modem recognized in the first place? The 
> mgetty config would only be needed on the machine i dial in to right?
Yes, you only need mgetty on the machine you are dialing into. But 
you are correct, you need to get the modem recognized as the first 
step. I am used to using external modems for this - that way, if the 
modem hangs in a strange mode, you can reset it without rebooting 
the machine. (I have had more then one modem fail to reset properly 
after a call.)


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