Compiz Fusion show all open windows (a/l/a espose)?

Scott geekboy at
Sat Feb 23 05:14:21 UTC 2008

If Mandriva 2008 would recognize my Firewire drives without effort you'd 
not be reading this now.

Cuz otherwise, they have the *default* turned-on settings in Compiz 
down-pat (IMHO).


What I'm trying to accomplish (and I'll explain as best I can - since
I've seen varying definitions of this out there) is to move my mouse 
courser to a corner of the screen and have all open Windows shrink 
themselves and spread out in even rows on my desktop.

I've been playing around with the settings in CCSM and I'm not finding 
it. In fact so far all I'm doing is turning on stuff I don't want (and 
I'm not sure I can turn it back off - or remember how to do so).

But I digress...

How do I accomplish the thing with the mouse in the corner of the screen 
giving me all of my open windows....?


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