ssh without password?

Mike Burger mburger at
Sat Feb 23 15:28:30 UTC 2008

> Knute Johnson wrote:
>>>When I ssh into machine B from machine A, I am asked for my password.
>>>But when I ssh into A from B, I am not.
>>>In both cases, from the other machine
>>>has been added to authorized_keys .
>>>And I see no difference in sshd_config or ssh_config .
>>>So why am I asked for my password when ssh-ing into B?
>> The key is password protected.
> I don't know what this means.

Were he correct, it would have meant that you'd set a passphrase on the
key(s) when you went through the key creation process.

Judging by th permission problem you noted in an eariler email, though,
I'd say that the passphrase thing is simply not the case.

Mike Burger

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