Fedora 8: tcsh .history file destroyed on exit?

James Frye fryeja at us.ibm.com
Sat Feb 23 18:00:37 UTC 2008

> James Frye <fryeja at us.ibm.com> wrote:
>  > I've just installed Fedora 8 on a new machine (Lenovo T61p), and am
>  > problems getting
>  > tcsh to run correctly.  The main problem is that when I exit,
the .history
>  > file is destroyed.  It's
>  > not that the current session history is not saved.  I copied
a .history
>  > file from my older machine
>  > loaded it, and the history mechanism works as expected for that
>  > On restart, though,
>  > I find that the .history file has been truncated to 0 bytes.
> Thank God, I'm not the only one on this planet with that problem.
> I'm using the version of "tcsh" that comes with Fedora 8 (manually
> installed with "yum" because someone decided that "tcsh" shouldn't
> be part of the default installation any longer).

I installed the "yum" version, and still have the same problems.  My userid
save history (though your trick works around it), root doesn't even execute
.login or .cshrc - but does seem to execute commands that are
in .bashrc :-(

> After some research with Google, I lost all hope because nobody
> seems to use tcsh, fvwm2 and xterm nowadays. I'm a dying dinosaur.

There is a fairly active fvwm forum, and ongoing development: fvwm.lair.be

I can't really relate to the "dinosaur" comment.  I think it's a different
attitude.  To me the computer is a tool with which I do certain things,
not an end in itself, so I don't need/want decoration.


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